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Molivos (also known as Mithymna) is located on the North Coast of the Greek island of Lesvos (Lesbos) and is a town of stunning beauty and historical importance. Visually impressive on site, it is a village that stretches along a hilltop crowned by a Venetian castle, a vestige of the island's varied historical and cultural past.

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In 1965, the then mayor Late Mr Andreas Kyriakou and the Council of the municipality of Molivos enforced a preservation order which forbid the use of any other building material other than natural stone. This was true foresight indeed and today the fruits of thought have shone through in the shape of cobbled streets, traditional stone houses and a wonderful atmosphere of charm and discovery. 
Its stone houses, with their brightly colored shutters, pour down to the harbour from a castle-crowned hill. The well-preserved Byzantine castle on the top of the hill, climbs the northern side down to the seashore. There is an unmistakable authentic quality about this place with its well-kept traditional stone houses, cobbled path-ways and architectural diversity.

At an intersection of these pathways, the visitor will come across one of Molyvos' most appealing places, the KYRIAKOU Square (or Platanakia), exactly the kind of place people might expect to find here.
Most of the buildings located here (including the preserved mansions of the Late Mayors A. Kyriakou and S. Matakoulis) are unique and upscale in their design, and clearly avoid the trap of architectural uniformity. Fifty meters from the square is the house where the writer Argyris Eftaliotis was born. This place has been the source of inspiration for many literary people and poets since ancient times and a meeting-place for artists from all over the world.

Its people, very respectful to their past and their traditions, have kept this part of the town as it was many years ago and developed it into an attraction for its simplicity and beauty. 
Visitors who pay a visit to this area never miss a chance to try authentic traditional island cuisine in one of the most known and favorite to locals & foreigners Cafe - Restaurants of the island, TROPICANA.
This very popular place is a MUST when visiting our unique town of Molivos. 
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